Heather Daylight Illustration

Established 1991

Selected Freelance Work

MacMillian/McGraw Hill Publishing: Various color illustrations for educational text
Osborne/McGraw Hill Publishing: Various color illustrations for educational text
New York Botanical Museum: Note cards of original artwork
ZBS Productions: Color illustrations for CDs
Eclipse Publishing: Graphic novel layout and color illustrations
A/V Concept Corporation: Chapter headings and book covers
Richard C. Owens Publishing: Book design, graphic design and color illustrations
Educational Insights Publishing: B&W chapter headings
Okamoto Illustration Company : Newsletter, color illustrations, graphic design
Read and Read Booksellers: Graphic design and signs, promotional material
Midsummer Dream Company: Color illustrations, web page, logo, graphic design, package inserts
Sun Valley Schools: Color 26 X 10 mural in Library
San Rafael Chamber of Commerce: Fine Art Christmas Prints of my original artwork
City of San Rafael : 10' by 12' color mural in City Library, Children's Room
Dreadie Bear Teddy Bear Co.: Toy packaging and color booklets
Sunshine Chimney Company: Logo design and graphics
Fellowship Foundry: Tee shirt design, color illustrations
San Rafael City Library Brochures, forms, illustrations for reading programs
Graduate Certificate in Illustration from The Academy of Art,
San Francisco

(5 year intensive program)

Summa Cum Laude BA Degree in Fine Art
University of California, Berkeley, 1998

Heather Daylight is a self starter who has owned and operated her own small businesses for over thirty five years. Prior studying art and painting, Heather ran an equestrian school for eighteen years training horses and riders, culminating in an invitation to try out for the United States Combined Training Olympic Team.

Heather's terrific organizational skills developed as she raised her three sons along with building her business and studying for her degree at Berkeley. As an experienced production artist, she feels completely at home handling several projects at once. Working beautifully under pressure, fast approaching deadlines only inspire her. Heather creates quality fine artwork, paintings, illustrations, craft designs, layouts and storyboards using traditional drawing and painting skills combined with comprehensive computer know-how.

Heather Daylight is currently Creative Director for Daylight Artworks, Inc, a fine arts and crafts production and manufacturing corporation owned and run by Heather and her family. She is not seeking freelance work at this time.





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